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Security Engagements for Small Businesses

Knowing where to look is half the battle. If you are a small/medium sized business it can be hard to work out where to even start with security.

When you contact our team we will first start with a complimentary conversation to understand your business, your risks, and what kinds of reviews might be beneficial.

We will then put together a proposal, outlining what analysis we think you need, the required resources to make it happen, and the expected outcomes.

Examples of possible activities include:

  • reviewing configurations of installed software and hardware e.g. web servers, mail servers, or firewalls
  • testing the security of a public-facing service e.g. a website or an online store
  • documenting security sensitive procedures e.g. how documents with PII (Personal Identifiable Information) should be handled

Get Started

Contact us today to book a free complimentary consulation.


I asked Blodeuwedd Labs to help assess my network segmentation, and the security of a specific box on the network.

Their written advice was rapid, intelligible, frank, and (most of all) practical and implementable, followed up by a helpful call.

I'd definitely engage them again.

Neil Brown,