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Blodeuwedd Labs

An independent Canadian cybersecurity company providing world-class privacy assessments, software design, and security research.


Security & Privacy Assessments

Our team have decades of experience finding vulnerabilities in all kinds of systems. Whether you need a formal cryptography review or a fuzzing campaign, we can help.


Custom Software Development

From taming legacy systems to deploying a brand new app. Whatever your requirements, our team can deliver a specification that meets all of your constraints.


Tailored Research

Have a tricky problem? Diving deep into domains in the search for solutions is what we do best. We offer flexible and time boxed engagements to tackle any sized obstacle.


Small Businesses

Knowing where to look is half the battle. If you are a small/medium sized business it can be hard to work out where to even start with security. We are here to help.


Cryptographic Consulting

Our experts will carefully review your cryptographic implementations to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, providing guidance on how to strengthen them and ensure they meet the highest standards of security.


Open Source Reviews

To give back, all of our services are available at a subsidized rate to eligible open source projects.