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Subsidized Assessments for Open Source Projects

At Blodeuwedd Labs we are deeply grateful to the maintainers of open source software whose contributions underpin modern systems.

To give back, all of our services are available at a subsidized rate to eligible open source projects.

Qualifying projects will receive a discount of 50% and over on eligible services.

To qualify for a subsidized assessment projects must:

  • Be publicly accessible solely under an acceptable open source license
  • Not be primarily maintained or sponsored by a for-profit corporation
  • Consent to the public release of any report once any disclosed vulnerabilities have been mitigated, or within 90 days of receipt

Subsidized services are subject to a wait list. Preference is given to projects that serve the public interest, would be not-viable as (part of) a commercial product, and/or would benefit the most from the service being requested.

To get started please contact us with "Subsidized Assessment" in the subject line, and we will schedule a complementary consultation session to assess your needs;