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Security & Privacy Assessments

We offer several different levels of security & privacy assessment engagements so that, whatever your size or budget you can rest assured that potential risks and vulnerabilities have been mitigated.

Security Engagements

Security incidents cost time, and money, that is much better spent serving your organizations mission.

As more and more of our lives are mediated by connected computers, data breaches and hacks have become increasingly common.

There is no such thing as a low-value target for hackers, who are constantly on the look out for security weaknesses.

By investing in an audit you can proactively take control, and protect your organization, and your customers and clients, from expensive downtime, and data loss.

Small Businesses

Knowing where to look is half the battle. If you are a small/medium sized business it can be hard to work out where to even start with security.

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Adversarial Machine Learning / AI / Automated Decision Making Audits

We have extensive experience in conducting audits into automated decision making systems that are guided by trained models (both off-the-shelf and custom).

We can evaluate both your training setup (for vulnerability to data poisoning attacks) and your deployment setup (for vulnerability to both privacy leaks and evasion attacks).

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